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A-11 (147) A. Cichowicz, Determination of Source Parameters from Seismograms of Mining Tremors and the Inverse Problem for a Seismic Source

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Abstract, 3

1. Modelling of weak local earthquakes in the far displacement field, 4

1.1 Fault plane solution of earthquakes and mining tremors, 4

1.2 The parameters of the seismic source, 5

1.3 An analysis of the variations in pulse shape in the real medium, 28

1.4 The true ground motion - deconvolution, 31

1.5 A simplified method for calculating the physical parameters of the mining tremors, 40

2. The inverse problem solution for the seismic source, 55

2.1 An introduction to the inverse problem solution, 55

2.2 The inverse problem solution - its instability, 58

2.3 A selection of the conditions restricting the class of solutions, 59

2.4 A description of the algorith, 61

2.5 The inverse problem solution for the Haskell model - an example of the use of the algorithm, 62

Final remarks and conclusions, 68

References, 71

Streszczenie, 75

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