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A-13 (160) Symposium on Geodynamics. Jabłonna, 13-15 April 1981

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W. Brochwicz-Lewiński, W. Pożaryski, H. Tomczyk, Sinistral strike-slip movements in Central Europe in the Paleozoic, 3

J. Znosko, The problem of the oceanic crust and ophiolites in the Sudetes, 15

W. Pożaryski, Tectonic units of Poland in the light of new geological and refraction seismic data (summary), 31

R. Dadlez, Deep fractures of the Teisseyre-Tornquist zone interpreted after cover tectonics, 37

W. Ryka, Deed structure of the crystalline basement of the Precambrian Platform in Poland, 47

A. Guterch, Deep structure of the Earth s crust in the contact zone between Paleozoic and Precambrian Platforms in Poland (summary), 63

M. Grad, Structure of the deep fractures in the Teisseyre-Tornquist tectonic zone, 67

E. Perchuć, Structure of the Earth s crust in southeastern Poland, 77

S. Młynarski, The structure of deep bedrock in Poland on the basis of refraction results, 87

S. Toporkiewicz, The structure of the consolidated basement of the Palaeozoic Platform in south-west Poland, 101

T. Grabowska, M. Raczyńska, Preliminary results of the study on geophysical model of the Earth s crust in Poland on the basis of gravity and magnetic data, 119

A. Dąbrowski, K. Karaczun, M. Karaczun, The Teisseyre-Tornquist line against the background of the magnetic field data in Poland, 135

J. Jankowski, Z. Tarłowski, O. Praus, J. Pěčova, V. Petr, The results of geomagnetic deep sounding in Western and Northern Carpathians (summary), 147

J. Majorowicz, Problems of tectonic interpretation of geothermal field distribution in the platform areas of Poland, 149

S. Maj, Refrection of temperature radiation in the Earth s mantle (summary), 167

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