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A-19 (236) Symposium on Geodynamics. Jabłonna, May 15-17, 1989

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W. Pożaryski, The strike-slip terrane model for the North German-Polish Caledonides, 3

M. Lewandowski, New paleomagnetic data from the Early Devonian sandstones of Holy Cross Mts and their geotectonic implications, 17

A. Guterch, M. Grad, R. Materzok, E. Perchuć, T. Janik, E. Gaczyński, et al., Structure of the lower crust of the Paleozoic Platform in Poland from seismic wide-angle and near-vertical reflection surveys, 41

C.-E. Lund, M. Grad, A. Guterch, Seismic structure of the Earth s crust and lower lithosphere bebeath the southern part of the Baltic Sea, 63

T. Grabowska, M. Raczyńska, Structure of the Earth s crust on the Polish Lowland in the light of gravimetric modelling, 85

T. Janik, R. Materzok, The structure of the Earth s crust and its model representation in the Fore-Sudetic Monocline along profile M-13(2-X-77/78), Gorzów Wlkp.-Kalisz, 111

M. Grad, T.T. Doan, W. Klimkowski, Seismic models of sedimentaryt cover of the Precambrian and Paleozoic Platforms in Poland, 125

A. Guterch, U. Luosto, M. Grad, J. Yliniemi, E. Gaczyński, H. Korhonen, et al., Seismic studies of crustal structure in the Teisseyre-Tornquist zone in north-western Poland (preliminary report), 147

P. Karnkowski, W. Weil, An outline of the oil and gas geology of Poland, 157

J. Jankowski, J. Pawliszyn, W. Jóźwiak, T. Ernst, Synthesis of electric conductivity surveys performed on the Polish part of the Carpathians with geomagnetic and magnetotelluric sounding methods, 183

N. Bakun-Czubarow, Geodynamic significance of the Variscan HP eclogite-granulite series of the Złote Mountains in the Sudetes, 215

S. Maj, A geothermal model of the Precambrian Platform in Poland (extended summary), 245

J. Dowgiałło, Geothermal systems of the Sudetes, 251

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