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A-1 (98) A. Hanyga, On the Solution to the Riemann Problem for Arbitrary Hyperbolic System of Conservation Laws

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1. Introduction, 5

2. The evolutionary condition and the solutions to the Riemann problem, 8

3. Sonic discontinuity waves, 16

4. The groups of k-waves in a neighborhood of a sonic point, 30

5. Continuation of groups k-waves beyond critical points, 39

6. A dual extremum theorem for Chapman-Jouguet points, 43

7. Existence and asymptotic properties of Hugoniots, 47

8. Applications to hydrodynamics; detonation and deflagration waves, 60

9. Plane waves in compressible thermoelastic media, 77

10. Plane waves in thermoelastic Hadamard materials, 100

11. Plane waves in incompressible thermoelastic materials, 103

12. Dissipation associated with solutions of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws, 113

13. Remarks, 118

References, 119

Polish summary (Streszczenie), 122

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