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A-2 (101) Symposium on Geodynamics. Jabłonna, 5-7 May 1975

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W. Pożaryski, The western margin of the Old European Platform in Poland in the light of DSS data, 3

A. Guterch, T. Kowalski, R. Materzok, S. Toporkiewicz, Seismic refraction study of the Earth´s crust in the Teisseyre-Tornquist line zone in Poland along the regional profile LT-2, 15

T. Grabowska, S. Małoszewski, R. Ney, Interpretation of gravimetric and magnetic anomalies along the VII-th international profile in Poland, 25

J. Skorupa, Some zones of strongly differentiated morphology of the deep basement from the contact area of the Paleozoic and Precambrian Platforms in the Central Poland, 35

K. Birkenmajer, The Carpathian orogen and plate tectonics, 43

J. Sokołowski, Problems of a paleogeodynamics of Poland and Europe, 55

J. Sokołowski, Genesis of epeirogenic movements and their influence on the development of sedimentary basins, 69

B. Cianciara, T. Grabowska, S. Małoszewski, H. Marcak, R. Ney, A geophysical and geological model of the Zgorzelec-Wiżajny profile, 71

P. Tuchołka, Secular variations of the magnetic field in paleomagnetic investigation of loess, 83

A. Cichy, J. Miecznik, Numerical computation of the magnetotelluric field for two-dimensional structures, 91

J. Pajchel, Nature of deep seismic boundaries in the earth´s crust in the light of dynamic interpretation of seismic wave field, 103

J. Łaski, Time-distance curves of penetrating waves for multilayered media with dipping interface, 117

N. Bakun-Czubarow, Geochemical-mineralogical indices - their role in ultramafic rock geothermometry and geobarometry, 123

J. Leliwa Kopystyński, Kinetics of sudden polymorphic transformations occurring under high pressure: mathematical model and the possibility of its application to earthquake prediction, 133

S.J. Gibowicz, Source properties of shallow earthquakes and regional tectonics; Test case: New Zealand, 145

K.R. Rybicki, Far-away body wave field generated by slip faulting - anisotropic case of rupture propagation, 159

J. Hordejuk, The structure of the Earth´s crust and upper mantle underneath seismic stations Racibórz, Cracow and Warsaw, estimated by spectral analysis of teleseismic P-waves recorded on vertical and horizontal components, 161

J. Majorowicz, The new studies on the distribution of values of terrestrial heat flow in the north of Polish Lowland and some aspects of interpretation, 173

S. Plewa, The new results of surface heat flow investigations of earth crust performed in Karpaty Mountains, 185

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