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A-4 (115) Proceedings of the XV General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission, Kraków, 22-28 September 1976. Part I

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Preface, 3

S.J. Gibowicz, Seismic moment, source size, and fracture energy of shallow earthquakes (abstract), 5

D. Procházková, Seismic moment of some European earthquakes, 7

I.V. Gorbunova, On estimation of the focal extent by the initial wave picture, 15

A. Cichowicz, Methods of the approximated determination of seismic moment and source size for mining tremors (abstract), 23

A. Zakharova, O. Starovoit, Z. Chepkunas, Determination of seismic source parameters from teleseismic body-wave spectra, 25

S.M.G. Subhash, R. Gir, M.A. Choudhury, Analysis of P wave spectra from underground nuclear explosions, 39

E. Rygg, Phase reversal and time delay of explosion - generated surface waves, 51

D. Enescu, Geometric and dynamic parameters of earthquakes foci in the Vrancea region, 67

D. Enescu, Elimination of the ambiguity in the fault plane solution for Vrancea earthquakes. New concepts of the mechanism of these earthquakes, 81

O.G. Shamina, A.A. Pavlov, S.A. Strizhkov, Shear shift modelling along a pre-existing fault, 103

J. Niewiadomski, Interaction between two parallel cracks, 111

N.K. Karapetyan, Intensity of earthquake foci of Armenia and the mechanism of their origin, 121

Yu.Yu. Aptekman, K.I. Kuznetzova, N.V. Shebalin, V.V. Shteinberg, Succesive and progressive aftershocks of the Daghestan earthquake origin zone, 133

L.B. Slavina, Some results of the study of the parameter VP/VS of an earthquake focal zone, 143

S.S. Sardarov, About some physico-chemical methods of searching the earthquake forerunners, 151

R. Dmowska, A. Hanyga, R. Teisseyre, Electroelastic and electrokinetic fields of an earthquake source, 157

C. Radu, E. Spanoche, Some phenomena related to the Romanian earthquakes, 163

V. Červený, I. Pšenčík, Ray theoretical seismograms for laterally varying layered structures, 173

V. Červený, V. Pretlová, Applications of smoothed splines in the computation of ray amplitude of seismic body waves, 187

J. Zahradník, Seismic waves in simple block-structures (abstract), 199

J. Łaski, Reflection and transmission coefficients - revision of formulae, 201

J. Kozák, I. Pšenčík, L. Waniek, Diffraction on spherical heterogeneities (abstract), 213

G. Neumann, K. Schiel, Model investigations on inhomogeneous media, 215

E.F. Savarensky, D.I. Siharulidze, A.Kh. Bagramian, Investigation of some inhomogeneities of the Earth´s crust in Europe, 227

K.A. Berteussen, Long period P-wave spectra as a tool for studies of local structure, 233

E. Bisztricsány, Connection between Rayleigh coda waves and the Earth´s crust, 237

S. Gregersen, Possible coupling between Love and Rayleigh waves at a continental margin, 245

R.A. Stephen, Synthetic seismograms for the case of the receiver within the medium, 249

N. Pavlenkova, I. Pšenčík, Mathematical modelling as a method of solution of two-dimensional seismic problem, 267

D.G. Sokerova, Comparison of station corrections in the Balkan region, 277

I.P. Kosminskaya, The activity report of the deep seismic sounding subcomission for 1970-1976, 287

K. Posgay, I. Petrovičs, Horizons detected with the seismic reflection method and velocity distribution in the crust and mantle, 291

R. Gir, S.M.G. Subhash, M.A. Choudhury, The resolution power of spectral ratio method in crustal structure studies, 297

H. Aichele, Phase identification of local events with regional travel-time curves (abstract), 313

S.M. Zverev, S.A. Kats, N.G. Mikhailova, E.A. Mouravova, N. Pavlenkova, G.A. Yaroshevskaya, Prospects for computer processing of seismograms in the marine DSS investigation, 315

C.-E. Lund, Upper mantle structure from the Blue Road profile, Northern Scandinavia, 329

P. Mechler, R. Mseddi, Structure du manteau superieur sous la mer Mediterranée (in French), 331

A. Guterch, Structure and physical properties of the Earth´s crust in Poland in the light of new data of DSS, 347

J. Pajchel, Nature of the transition zone between the crust and upper mantle in the fore-Sudetic region (Poland) in the light of dynamic interpretation of PMP waves, 359

M. Boloix, D. Hatzfeld, Preliminary results of measurements along seismic profiles in the Alboran Sea, 365

W. Weigel, G. Wissmann, A first crustal section from seismic observations west of Mauretania, 369

J. Makris, The crust and upper mantle of the Aegean region obtained from deep seismic soundings, 381

J. Makris, A dynamical model of Greece deduced from geophysical data, 399

V. Sousa Moreira, St. Mueller, A.S. Mendes, C. Prodehl, Crustal structure of southern Portugal, 413

J. Ansorge, E. Banda, St. Mueller, A. Udías, J. Mezcua, Crustal structure in southeastern Spain derived from deep-seismic sounding profiles, 427

Alpine Explosion Seismology Group, A lithospheric seismic profile along the axis of the Alps, 1975 - first results, 435

J. Ansorge, K. Bonjer, D. Emter, P-wave velocities in the uppermost mantle between Lorraine, the Bohemian Massif and the northern Alps, 445

C. Morelli, R. Cassinis, P. Giese, P. Röwer, Structure of the lithosphere of the Italian Peninsula, 451

V.B. Sollogub, A.V. Chekunov, G.E. Kharechko, A. Tripolsky, V.A. Babinets, Structure of the Earth´s crust in the region of old platforms, 457

E. Hurtig, A. Schulze, S. Grässl, R.P. Oesberg, Analysis of deep seismic three component records in crystalline and sedimentary areas of the GDR, 467

N. Neunhöfer, D. Güth, Dispersion curves of surface waves influenced by different crustal low-velocity layers, 473

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