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A-5 (116) Proceedings of the XV General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission, Kraków, 22-28 September 1976. Part II

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Preface, 3

E.F. Savarensky, E.M. Antonenko, Short-period seismic noise in engineering seismology and microseismic zoning, 5

E. Hjortenberg, Monochromatic components of the seismic noise in the 1-3 Hz band, 21

I. Guerra, G. Luongo, R. Scarpa, Seismic noise on active volcanoes of Southern Italy, 25

S.E. Pirhonen, U. Luosto, Spectral observations on artificial seismic noise in southern Finland, 35

O. Sandvin, D. Tjøstheim, Autoregressive modeling of seismic storms, 45

N.V. Kondorskaya, Problems of European magnitudes, 49

V. Kárník, L. Christoskov, Magnitude determinations at short epicentral distances in Europe, 51

V. Kárník, Comparison of empirical A/T curves in near epicentral distances, 61

D. Cvijanović, Function σ(Δ) for earthquake magnitude for short distances according to the data of the seismological station Zagreb, 65

C. Radu, I. Apopei, Magnitude mb of the intermediate earthquakes in the Vrancea area, 73

O.N. Solovieva, On determination of deep-focus earthquake magnitudes in near zones, 85

I.V. Gorbunova, B. Guterch, H. Lewandowska-Marciniak, S.F. Oborina, N.V. Vandysheva, Magnitude MLV and some kinematic and dynamic properties of the maximum phase of surface Rayleigh waves for oceanic and continental paths, 103

L. Christoskov, I.V. Fedorova, N.V. Kondorskaya, J. Vaněk, Optimization of station corrections and calibrating functions of PV and PVs for the homogeneous magnitude system (HMS) in Eurasia, 109

A.L. Petrosyan, Combining individual magnitude estimates, 119

J. Plomerová, Local and instrumental effects in magnitude determination, 131

J. Drimmel, On the determination of earthquake magnitudes within a wide range of distances and periods by means of a single broad-band instrument, 141

S.J. Duda, The monochromatic earthquake magnitude, 145

J. Jansky, L. Ruprechtová, B. Tittel, Magnitude determination based on the short period core waves (abstract), 155

D. Procházková, V. Kárník, Relationship between the parameters of the magnitude-frequency relation for the Balkan region, 157

G.D. Panasenko, Fennoscandian seismicity in 1951-1970, 163

M. Båth, R. Wahlström, A rockburst sequence at the Grängesberg iron ore mines in central Sweden (abstract), 169

D. Papastamatiou, On the attenuation of strong ground motion, 171

A. Kijko, Algorithm for optimum distribution of a regional network of seismic stations (abstract), 181

V.M. Fremd, Autonomous equipment for strong earthquakes recording at the Soviet seismic stations, 183

V. Schenk, Maximum amplitudes of particle velocity in the near field of seismic explosive source, 191

J.L. Korchinsky, Data on vibration parameters necessary for earthquake-proof construction, 203

P. Cosentino, D. Luzio, The seismic statistical parameters in the world-wide seismic regions in the hypothesis of a maximum possible magnitude, 211

P. Cosentino, D. Luzio, Truncated exponential frequency-magnitude relation applied to the Sicilian earthquakes, 221

C. Radu, I. Apopei, Application of the largest values theory to Vrancea earthquakes, 229

Z. Schenková, V. Kárník, Statistical prediction of the maximum magnitude earthquakes in the Balkan region, 245

D. Procházková, I. Brouček, B. Guterch, H. Lewandowska-Marciniak, D. Csomor, J. Drimmel, Map of maximum observed intensities of Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary and Austria, 251

I. Apopei, I. Cornea, D. Enescu, Preliminary data for the calculation of seismic risk in Romania, 255

J. Buben, V. Rudajev, Rock bursts and earthquakes, 263

D. Cvijanović, E. Prelogović, Seismicity and neotectonic movements of the Croatian region (SFR Yugoslavia), 281

C. Radu, I. Apopei, Statistical analysis of microearthquake activity near Vrîncioaia station, 291

Z. Schenková, Influence of the shape of the exponential distribution of the largest values on the estimation of earthquake maxima, 305

H.J. Neugebauer, Crustal uplift and the state of stress (abstract), 315

N. Pavoni, An investigation of microearthquake activity in the Central Valais (Swiss Alps), 317

D. Mayer-Rosa, N. Pavoni, Fault plane solutions of earthquakes in Switzerland from 1971 to 1976, 321

E. Hurtig, V. Čermák, L. Stegena, Heat flow in Europe and its tectonic implication in the Mediterranean area and at the SW-border of the East European Platform, 327

D. Jianu, Earthquake of 7 March 1975 and its aftershocks, 335

T. Iosif, S. Iosif, Some seismotectonic features of the Vrancea region, 347

S. Iosif, T. Iosif, Types of earthquake sequences in the Vrancea region, 359

R. Meissner, Tectonic processes at continental margins, 373

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