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A-6 (117) Proceedings of the XV General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission, Kraków, 22-28 September 1976. Part III

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Preface, 3

U. Casten, G. Gommlich, Calibration of seismic detectors and data links of local array stations for rock burst controlling, 5

Ch. Teupser, E. Unterreimeier, H. Buder, The electronic seismograph system EDS 1, 15

A. Vogel, Activity report of the working group "Geodynamic techniques", 25

A. Vogel, Studies of short-period crustal dynamics, an aid in seismological research, 27

A. Vogel, Broad-band accelerometry, 31

M.M. Schneider, H. Harwardt, D. Simon, Continuous tilt and strain measurements in a salt mine, 35

H. Aichele, E. Peterschmitt, Refinement of geographical and seismic regionalisation (abstract), 45

J.S. Derr, Current status of the National Earthquake Information Service, 47

J.S. Derr, Seismic data flow at the National Earthquake Information Service, 51

D. Mayer-Rosa, N. Pavoni, R. Graf, The Friuli earthquake of May 6, 1976: A preliminary study of intensity-attenuation, aftershocks and focal mechanism, 57

K. Aric, G. Duma, R. Gutdeutsch, Remarks about magnitudes and maximum intensities of the earthquakes in Friuli 1976 (abstract), 63

D. Papastamatiou, The May 6, 1976 Friuli earthquake: field measurements, 65

V. Kárník, D. Procházková, L. Ruprechtová, Z. Schenková, Macroseismic field of the Friuli earthquake of May 6, 1976, 71

H. Gebrande, H. Miller, E. Schmedes, Digital registrations of aftershocks of the Friuli earthquake 1976, 75

L. Grinda, Les causes de la séismicité du sud des Alpes occidentales (in French), 85

Z. Schenková, D. Procházková, V. Kárník, Catalogue of earthquakes and atlas of isoseismals for the countries of the KAPG, 87

S.V. Medvedev, Seismic intensity scale MSK-76, 95

E. Rygg, L. Bruland, Long period microseisms in Southern Norway (abstract), 103

P. Bernard, Variations de l´amplitude des microséismes à Varsovie de 1946 à 1965 (in French), 105

P. Bormann, G. Kowalle, B. Tittel, Investigation of core phases recorded at seismic stations of the GDR and the CSSR, 113

L. Waniek, Seismic modelling - progress report 1974-1976, 125

O.G. Shamina, A.A. Pavlov, J. Kozák, L. Waniek, Laboratory study on seismoactive faults, 129

L. Waniek, J. Kozák, O.G. Shamina, A.A. Pavlov, Schlieren observations of P waves in models simulating zones of randomly distributed cracks, 139

L. Martel, Transmission et reflexion d´une onde de Rayleigh sur une marche (in French), 145

J. Behrens, H. Denzau, Model-seismic investigations of wave propagation in a medium with cyclic layers, 159

S. Freystätter, L. Dresen, Model seismic investigations of the Rayleigh channel wave with respect to the application in deep coal mines, 173

V. Babuška, Z. Pros, W. Franke, Effect of fabric and cracks on the elastic anisotropy in granodiorite, 179

H. Stiller, W. Ullmann, V.L. Pankov, Report on a new structure of the equation of state and its application in high-pressure physics and geophysics, 187

A. Udías, The program of deep seismic sounding in Spain, 201

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