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A-8 (130) Symposium on Geodynamics. Jabłonna, 30 June - 2 July 1977

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K. Smulikowski, Metamorphic evolution of eclogites from Wojtówka near Lądek (Sudetes), 3

A. Guterch, Structure and physical properties of the Earth´s crust in Poland in the light of new data of DSS, 13

J. Skorupa, The Earth´s crust structure in Poland in the light of deep seismic sounding and gravity data, 15

T. Grabowska, S. Małoszewski, R. Ney, M. Raczyńska, Statistical investigations of the relation between the gravity anomalies and the Earth´s crust thickness along DSS profiles VII, M-7, LT-2, 17

M. Grad, Determination of deep tectonic disturbances in the Earth´s crust based on the interpretation of waves reflected in near-critical region, 33

J. Motyl-Rakowska, J. Sokołowski, Temperatures at the base of the Permian-Cainozoic stratum in Poland, 51

K. Birkenmajer, M. Jeleńska, M. Kądziałko-Hofmokl, J. Kruczyk, Magnetostratigraphy of the tertiary basaltic rocks and age of deep-seated fracture zones in Lower Silesia based on palaeomagnetic and radiometric data, 55

N. Bakun-Czubarow, Pyroxene geothermometry applied to the Sowie Góry ultramafic rocks, 57

M. Kozłowska-Koch, Ultramafic enclosures in olivine nephelinites from Księginki (Lower Silesia), 67

R. Materzok, Structural anisotropy phenomenon in the fore-Sudetic monocline region, 75

J. Kowalczuk, K. Pietsch, The effect of seismic boundaries in the Permian-Mesozoic complex on the results of deep seismic records in the region of the fore-Sudetian monocline, 83

J. Pajchel, Nonhomogeneous waves as an indicator of the thin-layered structure of boundaries in the Earth´s crust (abstract), 95

L. Sawicki, Fault system in central part of the Oder River (abstract), 97

A. Koblański, Tectonics and structure of the crystalline substratum in the central part of the fore-Sudetic monocline deduced from magnetic anomalies, 99

A. Guterch, R. Teisseyre, J. Pajchel, E. Perchuć, J.T. Kowalski, E. Poleszak, et al., Studies of the deep structure of the Earth´s crust in the Western Spitsbergen and Greenland Sea region (preliminary results), 115

J. Jankowski, A. Szymański, Z. Tarłowski, K. Pěč, J. Pěčova, V. Petr, et al., Electromagnetic induction in the Carpathians field experiments and modelling (abstract), 127

A.K. Tokarski, Dynamics of outer Carpathian tertiary orogenesis, 129

A.M. Żelichowski, Geological structure of the Palaeozoic in the Lubin-Lvov region as deduced from results of deep seismic soundings (abstract), 143

T. Pelc, An attempt to determine the northeastern extent of folded pre-silurian formations in southeastern Poland from seismic reflection studies (in Polish), 147

T. Grabowska, Interrelations of gravimetric and magnetic anomalies with the Earth´s crust structure within the Lublin region including the results of deep seismic soundings (profiles VIII, LT-3, C), 157

Z. Drwięga, A. Myśko, Terrestrial heat flow in the Lubin region and local tectonics (in Polish), 169

K. Chmura, Z. Drwięga, Application of the geothermodynamic method for determination of deep structures (abstract), 181

S. Małoszewski, The structural position of andesite intrusions in the Polish Pieniny Mts. on the basis of magnetic investigation, 183

S. Małoszewski, The investigation of the magnetic anomaly in north-eastern Poland, 191

E. Niedziółka-Król, P. Tuchołka, Paleomagnetic studies of holocene lake sediments from north Poland (abstract), 201

S. Maj, Thermal models of the continental Earth´s crust, 205

A. Dąbrowski, J. Majorowicz, Depth distribution of Curie temperature and its influence upon the geomagnetic field in Poland (abstract), 211

R. Teisseyre, Migration of seismic belts. Motion of defects, 213

R. Teisseyre, Two source solutions in the porous media, 223

K.R. Rybicki, Static deformation of a laterally inhomogeneous half-space by a two-dimensional strike-slip fault (abstract), 231

Z. Droste, R. Teisseyre, Non-local seismic source and time course of fracture process, 233

J. Niewiadomski, Influence of boundary between two half planes on the parameters of shear cracks, 243

W. Bielski, S. Matysiak, Some dynamic problems of magnetoelasticity in magnetically nonsaturated media, 247

J. Leliwa Kopystyński, Polymorphic transformations in the Earth´s mantle. Structure of the phase boundary (abstract), 257

L. Czechowski, Some problems of the mantle´s convection (abstract), 261

S.J. Gibowicz, A. Cichowicz, Z. Droste, J. Hordejuk, A. Kijko, Source study of the Lubin, Poland, tremor of 24 March 1977 (abstract), 265

Z. Kowalczyk, An attempt to determine the approximate amount of energy resulting from vertical displacement of a tectonic block, 267

B. Cianciara, Application of the autoregression process to the interpretation of geophysical potential fields, 273

J. Miecznik, K. Tomaszkiewicz, Interpretation of magnetoteluric soundings using the electromagnetic wave velocities, 291

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