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A-9 (135) Proceedings of the XVI General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission, Strasbourg, August 29 - September 5, 1978. Symposia of Subcommissions

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Preface, 3

P. Cosentino, Seismogenetic zoning of the Ballkan region by statistical approach (abstract), 5

P. Cosentino, D. Luzio, Earthquake risk: point estimates and confidence intervals, 7

D. Luzio, M.L. estimation of the frequency-magnitude statistical parameters for grouped seismic events (abstract), 15

B.C. Papazachos, G.N. Leventakis, Aftershock and foreshock energy in the Aegean area (abstract), 16

J.L. Plantet, Formules de magnitudes locales (ML et MD) adaptées a la sismicité de la France (abstract) (in French), 17

A.J. Haines, R.D. Adams, An improved procedure for local magnitude determination in New Zealand (abstract), 18

A. Shapira, O. Kulhánek, Conventional and spectral short-period body-wave magnitudes (abstract), 19

G. Purcaru, H. Berckhemer, A survey of various magnitudes from past to present. I. Shallow earthquakes (abstract), 20

G. Purcaru, H. Berckhemer, A survey of various magnitudes from past to present. II. Intermediate-deep focus earthquakes (abstract), 21

N.V. Kondorskaya, V.V. Antonov, Some methodical problems involved in construction of magnitude calibration curve for local earthquakes, 23

N.V. Kondorskaya, O.N. Solovieva, Local magnitude estimation in practice of the USSR uniform system of seismic observations, 31

S. Gregersen, Greenland earthquake sequences (abstract), 35

D. Hatzfeld, Seismo-tectonic in the Ibero-Maghrebin area (abstract), 36

A. Cisternas, J. Gagnepain, J.C. Ruegg, Étude de la microsismicité et surveillance sismique de la region d´Arette (Pyrénées) (abstract) (in French), 37

A. Cisternas, J.C. Ruegg, D. Hatzfeld, T. Modiano, P. Hoang Trong, G. Wittlinger, Microsismicité de la region Arette-Lourdes (abstract) (in French), 38

J. Frechet, G. Poupinet, N. Pavoni, Seismicity of Ubaye-Queyras (SE of French Alps), recorded in September-October 1977 with 11 portable seismographic stations (abstract), 39

C. Condis, H. Haessler, P. Hoang Trong, Surveillance sismique de l´arrière pays Niçois (Alpes Maritimes) (abstract) (in French), 40

A. Delhaye, M. Lachaize, J.P. Santoire, Sismicité recente et technique de la bordure Nord du Massif Central Francais (abstract) (in French), 41

Y. Ménéchal, B. Massinon, J.L. Plantet, Presentation de la carte de sismicité instrumentale de la France (abstract) (in French), 42

J. Vogt, C. Weber, La carte sismotectonique de la France (abstract) (in French), 43

J.C. Ruegg, J.C. Lepine, C. Vincent, Microsismicité le long de la dorsale du Golfe de Tadjoura relations avec la tectonique de l´Afar (abstract) (in French), 44

G. Duma, Information about earthquake volume and crustal structure by observations of travel time differences TS-TP in the Eastern Alps (abstract), 45

J. Strehlau, Plastic creep below transcurrent faults (abstract), 46

K. Moazami-Goudarzi, F. Shahbandeh, Nourabad swarm of 1976 (abstract), 47

K. Moazami-Goudarzi, Seismotectonical activity of Iran during the year 1972 (abstract), 48

J.L. Chatelain, D. Hatzfeld, S. Roecker, P. Molnar, Seismic activity in Hindu Kush (Afghanistan) (abstract), 49

C.H. Bliss, An analysis of the focal mechanisms of 602 earthquakes suggests the presence of a prevailing east-west stress-field in the upper mantle (abstract), 50

C. Radu, G. Polonic, I. Apopei, Geological phenomena associated with Vrancea earthquake of March 4, 1977, 51

E. Sulstarova, S. Koçiaj, Sh. Aliaj, The principles of seismic zoning used in Albania, 63

S. Koçiaj, V. Zenjo, P. Varfi, Computer determination of hypocentres of local earthquakes recorded by the seismic network of Albania, 73

E. Sulstarova, Some characteristics of earthquake foci in Albania and the field of tectonic stresses, 79

D. Petrovski, N. Naumovski, Analysis of strong motion records of the Vrancea - Romania earthquake of March 4, 1977, obtained in Niš - Yugoslavia (abstract), 87

B. Cadiot, J. Delaunay, J. Vogt, La prise en consideration des mouvements de terrain par l´echelle d´intensites M.S.K. (abstract) (in French), 88

Gh. Merkler, G. Bock, K. Fuchs, Ice-induced seismic microactivity at reservoirs (abstract), 89

M. Maistrello, A. Marcellini, R. Rampoldi, V. Petrini, An attempt to reconstruct some features of the May 6, 1976, Friuli event (abstract), 90

H. Sandi, T. Zorapapel, The Romania earthquake of March 4, 1977. A challenge to some engineering seismology topics (abstract), 91

J.M. Holl, G. Ball, Station sismologique portable a déclenchement (abstract) (in French), 92

G. Ballard, P.L. Willmore, Progress report on wide-band accelerometers, 93

E. Hjortenberg, J. Hjelme, Seismic noise at Danish stations in relation to detection, 103

J. Hjelme, Syntax check on telegraphic format reporting (abstract), 109

Y. Ménéchal, Banque de données sismiques du C.E.A./L.D.G. (abstract) (in French), 110

J.J. Egózcue, J. Paradís, An alternative solution on the line splitting in maximum entropy spectral analysis (abstract), 111

A.M. Correig, A. Udías, Determination of source parameters for earthquakes of ridge zones (abstract), 112

A. Deschamps, R. Madariaga, Study of the source of South American earthquake by means of long period surface and body waves (abstract), 113

S.K. Upadhyay, S.J. Duda, Source parameters of earthquakes from the Himalayan region (abstract), 114

M. Granet, P. Hoang Trong, Dispersion differentielle des ondes de volume dans la region focale (abstract) (in French), 115

P. Hoang Trong, M. Granet, Spectres de deplacement de séismes proches application a l´etude de la region focale (abstract) (in French), 116

A.C. Rodriguez, M.A. Choudhury, D. Rouland, Distribution of aftershocks from large earthquakes in space and time (abstract), 117

H. Stöckl, Earthquake strong motion simulated by stress drop models (abstract), 118

A. Hanyga, The outlooks for phase transformations in seismology, 119

D. Procházková, Determination of source parameters (draft proposal), 143

F. Giorgetti, D. Nieto, D. Slejko, Seismic risk of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, 149

H. Korhonen, Activity report 1976-1978 of the sub-commission on microseisms and seismic noise, 171

P. Bernard, Amortissement des microseismes de courte et de moyenne periodes. Comparaison avec les ondes de surface (in French), 175

H. Korhonen, U. Luosto, J. Yliniemi, Microseismic storms in December 1975 at the Finnish seismograph stations, 183

S. Tienari, H. Korhonen, Statistical aspects in the classification of storm microseisms, 191

V.N. Tabulevich, I.S. Brandt, G.M. Troshina, Distribution of stormy microseismic vibrations from excitation sources of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (abstract), 209

D.J. Doornbos, J.C. Mondt, Diffracted P and S waves around the core and the velocity structure at the base of the mantle (abstract), 210

J.C. Dreyfus, B.L.N. Kennett, Static corrections for high resolution seismic work (abstract), 211

M.A. Choudhury, Anisotropie de vitesse des ondes S et la reorientation des contraintes dans la zone focale d´Epinal (Vosges) (abstract) (in French), 212

P. Hoang Trong, Modele tridimensionel de vitesse et localisation des repliques du Frioul de 1976-1977 (abstract) (in French), 213

G. Poupinet, On the relation between P-travel times residuals and the age of continental plates (abstract), 214

E.F. Savarensky, V.S. Geyko, T.A. Tsvekova, T. Iosif, S. Iosif, E.A. Sagalova, The P wave velocity distribution within the upper mantle in Vrancea region from the data of March 4, 1977 earthquake (abstract), 215

S.M.G. Subhash, Relative coda power and source characteristics of underground nuclear explosions (abstract), 216

D.N. Whitcombe, P.K.H. Maguire, The response of the time term method to simulated crustal structures (abstract), 217

V. Cagnetti, R. Console, P-waves travel time residuals in Europe (abstract), 218

J.P. Massot, Analyse des phases sismiques PKP reçues en Europe de tirs souterrains au Pacifique - essai de modelisation (abstract) (in French), 219

G. Calcagnile, G.F. Panza, Crustal and upper mantle structure beneath the Apennines region in inferred from the study of Rayleigh waves (abstract), 220

M. Cara, A. Nercessian, G. Nolet, Dispersion of higher modes in Northern Eurasia and Western Europe (abstract), 221

N. Jobert, Ondes a tres longue periode du manteau superieur (abstract) (in French), 222

L. Martel, Heterogeneites laterales et ondes de Love (analyse par elements finis) (abstract) (in French), 223

J. Behrens, H. Denzau, Model investigations on wave propagation in a cyclic layered medium with respect to the influence of the overburden structure, 225

G. Neumann, Determination of lateral inhomogeneities in two-dimensional models by inversion of travel time residuals (abstract), 237

H. Stiller, H. Vollstädt, U. Seipold, Complex physical measurements of several rocks under pressure, 239

K.A. Berteussen, Spatial correlation of Rayleigh waves, 247

R. Gir, M.A. Choudhury, Some theoretical aspects of periodicity analysis in crustal structure studies (abstract), 249

H.-P. Harjes, Spectral analysis of seismic signals using adaptive linear filters (abstract), 250

S. Iosif, T. Iosif, J. Strestik, Frequency-time analysis of some Vrancea earthquakes (abstract), 251

R. Kind, The reflectivity method for a buried source (abstract), 252

D. Seidl, Bandwidth and information content of seismic signals (abstract), 253

U.R. Vetter, R. Meissner, Possible connection between viscosity and seismic Q values (abstract), 254

E. Peterschmitt, D. Sokoreva, Analyse des residus des ondes P dans la region fenno-scandinave (abstract) (in French), 255

G.F. Panza, G. Calcagnile, St. Mueller, The gross features of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system in the European-Mediterranean area (abstract), 256

F. Marillier, St. Mueller, G.F. Panza, Structure of the upper mantle in the zone of plate contact between the Azores and Gibraltar from surface wave dispersion measurements (abstract), 257

Blue Norma Research Group, Seismic measurements across the Scandinavian Caledonides and the Norwegian continental margin along the "Blue Norma" profile (abstract), 259

V. Renard, F. Avedik, M.A. Sellevoll, Crustal transition from ocean to continent; Lofoten continental margin, Norway (abstract), 260

S. Faber, Results of a long range profile in Great Britain (abstract), 261

B. Colombi, C. Eva, I. Guerra, C. Morelli, R. Nicolich, M. Riuscetti, et al., A seismic profile in the Southern Alps 1977 - description of the experiment and first results (abstract), 262

E. Banda, J. Ansorge, M. Boloix, J. Pavía, Crustal structure under the Balearic Islands (abstract), 263

T. Dragašević, B. Andrič, Earth crust structure in the conditions of different structural-geological and topographical relations (abstract), 264

A. Ginzburg, J. Makris, K. Fuchs, C. Prodehl, B. Perathoner, Explosion seismic studies of the lithosphere along the Jordan-Dead Sea Rift (abstract), 265

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