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A-10 (142) Symposium of the European Seismological Commission. Physics of Earthquake Source and Earthquake Prediction Problems, Mogilany, 1-6 June 1979

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A.R. Ritsema, The state of the art in the physics of earthquake sources and earthquake prediction - a concised introduction, 3

A. Udías, Development of earthquake source mechanism studies, 7

R. Madariaga, A finite two-dimensional kinematic fault in a half-space, 33

A.M. Correig, J.A. Canas, A note of the seismic moment determination, 49

G. Purcaru, H. Berckhemer, Quantitative relations of earthquake source parameters and an attempt toward classification (extended abstract), 55

A. Deschamps, M. Malgrange, R. Madariaga, Thrust and extensional faulting of the Chilean downgoing slab: 1965 and 1971 Aconcagua events (abstract), 57

H. Grosser, Theoretical seismograms and spectra of some simple and complex focal mechanisms (abstract), 59

M. Amalvict, H. Legros, Body forces equivalent to a seismic source in a non-homogeneous medium, 61

R. Teisseyre, A theoretical approach to model the sequence of premonitory stages before an earthquake, 71

A. Hanyga, The outlooks for phase transformations in seismology (abstract), 83

J. Leliwa Kopystyński, Probability of the earthquake initiated by the phase transformation from the metastable state (abstract), 85

A. Udías, E. Buforn, D. Brillinger, B. Bolt, A numerical method for individual and regional fault plane determinations, 87

D. Procházková, Discussion of routine methods of source parameter determination, 95

K.R. Rybicki, Surface deformation - a review (abstract), 101

F. Rummel, C. Frohn, Ultrasoning velocity variations during fracture of rock, 103

H.J. Alheid, Stick-slip and stable sliding of rock surfaces in high temperature and high pressure triaxial compression tests, 113

A. Kijko, Statistical test of mutual dependence of seismic activities in two adjacent regions, 125

A. Cichowicz, An example of the inverse problem solution for the Haskell model of seismic source (abstract), 135

S.J. Gibowicz, Source parameters of mining tremors in Poland (abstract), 137

Z. Droste, J. Hordejuk, A method of the source size determination for mining tremors in the domain (abstract), 139

A. Plešinger, J. Vaněk, A. Roglinov, M.V.D. Sitaram, Amplitude-period-band diagrams of teleseismic body waves (extended abstract), 141

R. Dmowska, Magnetomechanical phenomena accompanying earthquakes - a review (abstract), 143

W. Bielski, S. Matysiak, On some problems of electroelasticity concerning propagation of waves in infinite space, 145

W. Bielski, S. Matysiak, On some problems of magnetoelasticity concerning wave propagation in infinite space, 155

A. Hanyga, Shear waves. IV. Amplitude equations for shock and reaction waves, 165

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