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M-8 (191) Wybrane Zagadnienia Geofizycznych Badań w Kopalniach, Jastarnia, 6-10 V 1985 *** Some Geophysical Problems in Mines

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V. Rudajev, J. Šilený, J. Kozák, R. Teisseyre, New concepts of rockburst mechanism in coal mines (abstract), 3

R. Teisseyre, Formation of tremors and creep deformation as the rebound processes (in Polish), 5

E. Majewski, Initiation of rock fracture at different rates. An attempt of modelling the mining tremor processes based on dynamic plasticity (in Polish), 11

H. Marcak, Z. Mortimer, Models for a relationship between seismic wave velocity and fissuring of a rock mass (in Polish), 39

L. Mužík, Investigation of the stress state of a rock mass in a rockburst-prone area, 53

A. Goszcz, Tectonophysical origin of mining tremors (in Polish), 61

R. Materzok, Seismogeological model for the Upper Silesian Industrial Region, 77

A. Kijko, B. Drzęźla, A.J. Mendecki, Bimodal character of the distribution of extreme seismic events in mines (in Polish), 91

Z. Fajklewicz, K. Jakiel, Prediction of mining tremors by the microgravity method in hard coal mine Pstrowski (in Polish), 103

A. Barański, W. Kociela, B. Syrek, Analysis of seismic activity in relation to mining-geological situation in selected longwalls mined with caving in the Wujek coal mine (in Polish), 125

B. Syrek, L. Graca, Theoretical stress distributions in the vicinity of active longwall and a comparision with the observed distributions of the number and energy of shocks in the conditions of the Wujek mine (in Polish), 137

A. Różycki, E. Marcela, The effect of undercutting of bed 507 on seismic activity in hard coal mine Miechowice (in Polish), 155

A. Kijko, Assessment of recurrence of seismic events in the region of the brown coal mine Bełchatów (in Polish), 163

S.J. Gibowicz, A. Cichowicz, Source parameters and focal mechanism of mining tremors in the Nowa Ruda coal mine in Poland (in Polish), 171

Z. Droste, J. Hordejuk, Determination of source parameters of mining tremors by analogue filtration (in Polish), 197

W. Stopiński, W. Wojtak, M. Piotrowski, P. Górkiewicz, Investigation of rock electric-resistivity changes under outburst-threat conditions in the Nowa Ruda coal mine (in Polish), 203

G. Sagan, W. Zuberek, Analysis of relation between seismicity, tectonics and mining works in the Polkowice copper mine (in Polish), 217

K. Ziaja, J. Markowski, T. Szeląg, M. Kazimierczyk, A. Bober, J. Mróz, The effect of termination of mining on the behaviour of seismic activity (in Polish), 241

M. Kazimierczyk, Determination of differences in corrections of P-wave travel times from the seismograms of rockrust-provoking blasting (in Polish), 251

A. Barański, J. Lipiński, E. Czech, Z. Holona, Z. Pilecki, H. Tomanek, Regionalization of pulses in seismoacoustic observations (in Polish), 267

M. Brož, Equipment for reading the time differences of microseismic signals (in Czech), 281

R. Makowski, New method for determing the arrival times of seismic signal (in Polish), 293

T. Mrozek, Improved seismological instrument - LKZ (in Polish), 307

B. Růžek, Inverse problem for Rayleigh waves in engineering seismology (in Czech), 317

E. Chruściel, S.M. Kaczmarski, Determination of some parameters of coal in boreholes with neutron-gamma and gamma-gamma spectrometric methods (in Polish), 327

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