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M-16 (245) Wybrane Zagadnienia Geofizycznych Badań w Kopalniach, Lubiatów, 13-18 maja 1991 r. *** Selected Geophysical Problems in Mines, Lubiatów, 13-18 May 1991

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S. Orzepowski, C. Bachowski, Focal parameters of mining tremors in the "Rudna" colliery in Polkowice (in Polish), 3

Z. Kaláb, Determination of physical source parameters of mining tremors in the Ostrava-Karviná coalfield (Czecho-Slovakia), 15

Z. Kaláb, L. Staš, V. Veselá, First results from determination of focus mechanisms of mining tremors in the Ostrava-Karviná coalfield (Czecho-Slovakia), 27

J. Hordejuk, Application of coda waves to estimate source parameters of mine tremors in Upper and Lower Silesia (in Polish), 35

B. Domański, Z. Droste, J. Hordejuk, Values of quality factor and attenuation of the medium along the Książ-Lubin-Upper Silesia route (in Polish), 45

M. Król, Some problems related to the focal mechanism determination in the Polkowice mine (in Polish), 51

A. Cichy, Z. Mortimer, Modelling of stresses around excavations including the rockmass failure (in Polish), 71

A.F. Idziak, The use of crack tensor for seismic anisotropy problems in fractured rock masses (in Polish), 81

R. Materzok, S. Cwojdziński, T. Janik, Seismogeological model for region of Książ (in Polish), 91

A. Leśniak, The use of Kalman s filtration for separating mining-induced anomalies from geophysical measurement data (in Polish), 103

G. Mutke, J. Dworak, Factors affecting the seismic effect of strong mining tremors on the surface structures in the Upper Silesian Coal Field (in Polish), 115

M. Kazimierczyk, An analysis of the "causes-result" relation of hazard-inducing dynamical phenomena in mines (in Polish), 131

K. Holub, E. Głowacka, Seismic activity observed under the conditions of the Dukla colliery (Czecho-Slovakia), 143

G. Sagan, W.M. Zuberek, Geological aspects of induced seismicity in the central area of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (in Polish), 157

K. Stec, G. Holeczek, Study of a relationship between the technical parameters of mining and the seismic energy release process (in Polish), 177

V. Bucha, T. Jíra, Seismic observations in the North Bohemian Coal Area, 189

Z. Pilecki, The use of zonal seismoacoustic observations for rockburst hazard monitoring (in Polish), 203

B. Żogała, W.M. Zuberek, Changes in seismoacoustic emission in carboniferous rocks subject to thermal stresses (in Polish), 217

J. Vilhelm, Seismo-acoustic evaluation of the instantaneous failure state of a sample under uniaxial load, 229

S. Lasocki, Weibull distribution for time intervals between mining tremors, 241

E. Głowacka, Evaluation of seismic hazard taking into account the progress of mining (in Polish), 261

J. Białek, B. Drzęźla, A. Jaworski, An attempt to determine functional dependences between the course of rock mass deformations in time and seismic energy for the Rydułtowy coal mine (in Polish), 279

B. Syrek, The use of Gutenberg-Richter distributions for the evaluation of rockburst hazard in longwall XIII, bed 501, of the Wujek mine (in Polish), 289

R. Brož, Characteristics of joint structures in the Jezeří mine adit (North Bohemian Lignite Mining Area), 307

M. Filipek, P. Mitręga, B. Syrek, An attempt to assess the efficiency of destressing blasting performed in longwalls mined with caving under high rockburst hazard conditions (in Polish), 319

B. Růžek, J. Málek, Estimation of absorption from explosions, 333

S. Granieczny, A. Jakubów, Rockburst hazard and its control in mine Jastrzębie (in Polish), 347

R. Dworok, P. Krzystolik, Problems of electric firing in seismic studies (in Polish), 361

J. Knejzlík, Intrisically safe circuits of instruments for underground seismic monitoring network, 373

L. Staš, Applicability of gamma-gamma logging for evaluation of rock massif stress conditions, 381

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