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M-19 (281) S.J. Gibowicz, ed., Badania Sejsmiczności w Kopalniach. Materiały XXIII Polsko-Czesko-Słowackiej Konferencji, Ustroń-Zawodzie, 21-22 październik 1994 r. *** Seismicity in Mines. Proceedings of the XXIII Polish-Czech-Slovakian Conference, Ustroń-Zawodzie, 21-22 October 1994

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S.J. Gibowicz, Preface, 3

R. Teisseyre, P. Wiejacz, Estimation of stresses for the mining-induced sequences of seismic events, 5

P. Wiejacz, Source mechanisms of seismic events induced at Ziemowit coal mine: comparison with mining information, 15

G. Sagan, R. Dubiel, P. Mitręga, W.M. Zuberek, The mechanism of mining tremors related to damages observed in the stope area (in Polish), 33

V. Veselá, The investigation of rockburst focal mechanisms at Lazy coal mine, Czech Republic, 47

J. Dubiński, K. Stec, Assessment of seismic hazard from the focal mechanism parameters of mining tremors (in Polish), 57

J. Dubiński, W. Konopko, G. Mutke, Geophysical and geomechanical interpretation of the rockburst of December 9, 1993 at Nowy Wirek and Halemba coal mines (in Polish), 73

A. Goszcz, The most probable rockburst mechanism and its implications for mining geophysics (in Polish), 87

K. Wanat, Modelling of fracture processes and an analysis of stability of rock masses (in Polish), 103

J. Białek, B. Drzęźla, A. Jaworski, Analytical prediction of energy release of seismic events induced in the rock mass deformed by multi-level extraction (in Polish), 115

W. Dębski, Selected problems of seismic event location, 125

B. Růžek, Short note on automatic location of seismic events, 135

P. Kołodziejczyk, K. Wanat, The application of a priori information of directive type (D) for the location of seismic events in mines (in Polish), 141

S. Lasocki, Relations between the seismic hazard and the rate of advance of mining front (in Polish), 145

K. Holub, Analysis of b-value in the frequency-energy distributions, 153

P. Kalenda, Seismic monitoring and maximum event prediction at longwall no. 138704 in the Lazy coal mine, Czech Republic, 163

B. Drzęźla, J. Domżał, J. Rusinek, Seismic estimates of blasting efficiency at the Piast coal mine (in Polish), 177

M. Król, Source parameters of seismic events at Polkowice copper mine and certain problems related to their estimation (in Polish), 197

A. Jakubów, Z. Szreder, Z. Pilecki, E. Pilecka, Application of seismoacoustic observations for safety measures of mining works: examples from Jastrzębie coal mine (in Polish), 209

B. Cianciara, A. Leśniak, Seismoacoustic measurements in mines of the Lubin copper district (in Polish), 217

B. Cianciara, A. Cianciara, Relationship between the spectral parameters of seismoacoustic emission and rockburst hazard (in Polish), 227

A. Cianciara, Statistical relation between the spectral size of seismoacoustic events and their energy (in Polish), 235

B. Żogała, W.M. Zuberek, R. Dubiel, Studies of the maximum temperature memory effect decay during seismoacoustic emission in sedimentary rocks (in Polish), 245

T. Fischer, The values of VP/VS velocity ratio in the Kladno coal mine, Czech Republic, 255

J. Skořepová, Physical modelling of the rock mass deformation in the Mayrau shaft area, Czech Republic, 261

Z. Kaláb, J. Knejzlík, Recording of mining tremors from Poland by the SPF local seismic network in the Czech Republic, 269

J. Buben, J. Málek, Experimental methods of seismic microzoning using seismic waves generated by mining tremors, 279

T. Jíra, Correlation analysis of microearthquakes in western Bohemia, Czech Republic, 289

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