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M-28 (363) J. Golonka, M. Lewandowski (eds.), Geology, Geophysics, Geothermics and Deep Structure of the West Carpathians and Their Basement

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Part 1. Geology, geophysics, geothermics and deep structure of the West Carpathians and their basement: outline of problems, 7

J. Golonka, M. Lewandowski, F. Picha, A. Ślączka, Chapter 1. The West Carpathians - general geology, 9

J. Chowaniec, B. Kępińska, Chapter 2. Podhale geothermal system - selected issues, 13

M. Krobicki, J. Golonka, R. Aubrecht, Chapter 3. Pieniny Klippen Belt: general geology and geodynamic evolution, 25

N. Oszczypko, J. Golonka, Chapter 4. Magura nappe, 35

M. Michalik, E. Słaby, Chapter 5. Wżar Mt.: Tertiary andesites, contact metamorphism, hydrothermal alterations, 45

J. Golonka, M. Lewandowski, ODDP Scientific Committee, Chapter 6. Chyżne - ODDP proposed site, 47

M. Potfaj, Chapter 7. Geology of the Slovakian part of the Orava - an overview, 51

A. Gawęda, J. Lefeld, M. Michalik, A. Uchman, Chapter 8. Inner Carpathians: Tatra Mountains, 57

Part 2. Detailed field geology, geophysics, geothermics: guide and itinerary, 65

References, 81

Part 3. International Workshop, Zakopane, Poland, 2003. Abstracts, 97

M. Lewandowski, J. Golonka, ODDP Scientific Committee, Introduction: Orava Deep Drilling Project (ODDP) - scientific problems, 99

CELEBRATION 2000 WORKING GROUP, reporters:, A. Guterch, M. Grad, Deep crustal structure along Celebration 2000 seismic Trans-Carpathian profiles extending from the East European Craton to the Pannonian Basin, 103

J. Chowaniec, Geothermal regime of the Inner Carpathians in Poland, 105

M. Cieszkowski, The Outer Carpathians thrustbelt, 107

I.W.D. Dalziel, L.A. Lawver, J.B. Murphy, Plumes, orogenesis, and supercontinental fragmentation, 111

F. Finger, P. Hanžl, Ch. Pin, A. v. Quadt, The Brunovistulian: avalonian Precambrian at the eastern end of the central European variscides?, 113

A. Gawęda, Metamorphic and magmatic development of the Variscan basement of the Tatra Mts., 115

A. Gawęda, L. Marynowski, B. Kępińska, Migrabitumens - the link between the Podhale Trough and the crystalline basement of the Western Tatra Mts., 119

J. Golonka, Plate tectonics of the circum-Carpathian area and the ultra deep drilling proposal, 123

J. Jankowski, O. Praus, Carpathian anomaly of electrical conductivity: history of its discovery and its interpretation, 127

M. Jarosiński, Contemporary stress field of the Western Outer Carpathians and their basement from borehole breakouts, 129

J. Jarzyna, Well logging in the ultradeep drillings, 131

M. Krobicki, R. Aubrecht, J. Golonka, Pieniny Klippen Belt, 133

J. Lefeld, Tectonics of the Inner Western Carpathians (the Tatra Mts.), 135

M. Lewandowski, M. Krobicki, B.A. Matyja, A. Wierzbowski, Paleography and dynamics of the Eastern Pieniny Klippen Basin (Carpathians, Southwestern Ukraine) on the basis of palaeomagnetic data, 137

M. Lustrino, Spatial and temporal evolution of the Cenozoic igneous activity in the circum-Mediterranean realm, 143

F. Marko, Slickensides related paleostress field in the western part of the Pieniny Klippen Belt, 145

E. Márton, Western Carpathians: Tertiary Paleomagnetism and rotations, 147

S. Mazur, Western Carpathians basement units - geochronological data and plate reconstructions, 149

M. Moczydłowska-Vidal, Biochronological age constraints on basal sedimentary successions in Upper Silesia, southern Poland, 151

B. Olszewska, A. Tomaś, Microfacies and biostratigraphy of the Carpathian Mesozoic and Paleozoic, 153

Z. Paul, A. Khudolei, J. Golonka,A. Wójcik, Avalonian terranes between Europe and Central Asia, 155

F.J. Picha, Exploration for hydrocarbons under thrust belts - a challenging new frontier in the Carpathians and elsewhere, 157

D. Plašienka, Birth, growth and fate of the Western Carpathian orogenic wedge, 159

M. Potfaj, Geology of the Slovakian part of Orava, 161

D. Reháková, Calpionellids and calcareous dinoflagellates recorded from the Late Jurassic - Early Cretaceous environments of the Western Carpathians proxies in paleoecology and paleocenography, 163

E. Słaby, Reconstruction of magmatic processes in the collisional zones, 165

E. Słaby, M. Michalik, Carpathian andesites / foreland basalts, 167

M. Stefaniuk, R. Florek, W. Klityński, Structure of the Carpathian basement in the vicinity of the Pieniny Klippen Belt in Poland as a result of magnetotelluric survey, 171

Z. Stránik, F.J. Picha, O. Krejči, Relationship of the West European platform and the Alcapa plate, 173

A. Ślączka, Deep structure below the Carpathian overthrust SW from Kraków, 177

L. Švádebnická, Micropalaeontological investigation of the West Carpathians - calcareous nannofossils, 181

A. Uchman, Mesozoic of the Tatra Mountains (Inner Carpathians), 183

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